Strategic Gaming Society

Strategic Gaming Society Sponsor: Joel Lantz


Basic Information

What is the Strategic Gaming Society?

The Strategic Gaming Society (SGS) is a social club focused on table top gaming.

What kind of games?

The SGS does not play traditional games like Monopoly or Life. SGS games range wildly from press your luck to deep strategy. You may be playing against other players to control a medieval seaport town or cooperating with other players to stop a global pandemic.  

When and where does the SGS meet?

The SGS meets in the cafeteria most Tuesdays from 3:30pm to 4:30 pm.

Important: there are no after school buses. If you are staying for club, you need to arrange for transportation home.


Basic Club Rules:

  • Academics come first. In any given week, you MUST be passing all of your classes to attend the SGS.
  • No electronics at the table. This is a social club.
  • No food or drinks at the gaming table. Some of the games are expensive and can easily be stained or ruined by a spilled drink or dropped snack.
  • Treat the games with respect. If you damage a game or lose pieces, you will be responsible for replacing those items. As mentioned, these games are generally not cheap.
  • You may bring your own games as long as you have them approved first by the club sponsor.
  • You are here for games. If you are out wandering the halls or being generally disruptive, you will be sent home. Repeated violations can result in removal from the club.